The Top Questions Asked When Looking For Hearing Aids

Our hearing is a vital component to the quality of life we enjoy.  The ability to hear conversations, the world around us and even enjoying music and movies makes us feel connected to the world.  Our ears are a vital component to our hearing health and if they start to have issues then then a doctor needs to take a look.  One place that you can go to get your ears tested is a Hearing Aid Center Glendale, AZ.

How long doe hearing aids last?

Depending on the type that you use and how you care for them they can last anywhere from three to five years on average.

How do I know the battery is installed correctly?

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Just like any other electronic device hearing aids have a positive and a negative side.  Depending on the model a red plus sign will appear on the battery cover sowing you what side is which.  In general plus will be up towards the cover.

Can I wear the hearing aid when sleeping?

It is recommended that you remove the hearing aid at night before you go to sleep.  If the aid has a battery it is also recommended that you open the battery door or remove the battery before going to sleep.  This will help with the battery life.

Where do I store my hearing aids when I am not wearing them?

Each hearing aid should come with a hard-shell case.  When you are not wearing or using your hearing aids you should have them stored securely in these cases.  If for some reason you don’t have or lost the original case find something that closes and locks that has a hard-outer shell.  This will protect your hearing aid from damage.

Can I wear my hearing aids in the water, shower, pool etc.?

It is not recommended.  Many hearing aids are water resistant so if they do get wet there is a good chance that nothing will happen to them.  However, you don’t want to take the chance of doing damage to your hearing aids.  Any damage from water can cause a short in your device which will degrade its effectiveness.

How can I clean my hearing aid?

You will want to use a simple cloth to clean your device. Don’t use soap or water as these may cause damage to your device.  If you have stubborn stains, consider using a small brush to remove them.  Read your manufacturers care instructions before attempting to clean your hearing aids.

How often should I clean my hearing aids?

It is recommended that you give them a good wipe down before or after every use.  Start by wiping them down before you use them in the morning and when you take them out.  As you use them a schedule will quickly form for your own personal use case.

Taking care of our hearing and the devices that we use to help improve our hearing will ensure that we are able to hear and enjoy the world around us for years to come.