Are Dental X-Rays Safe During Pregnancy?

When dental X-rays are needed, you probably want to know if it’s a safe procedure during pregnancy.  The truth is, most dental X-rays los angeles clinics perform are safe during pregnancy. Nonetheless, it’s essential to inform the dentist if you are pregnant before the procedure takes place. When the dentist knows that you’re pregnant, he can make any added precautions necessary to keep both you and baby safe while caring for your teeth correctly.

Dental X-Ray Dangers

Although in some cases a dental X-ray is potentially dangerous to the baby, it is considered to be safe for both mother and child, especially in comparison to other medical imaging options.  Only a small area is exposed to radiation during an X-ray. When it’s a dental X-ray, the portion of the body exposed doesn’t reach the baby. So, all is well if you need an X-ray during pregnancy.

Dental X-Rays are Safe for Pregnant Women Reports AAFD

The American Academy of Family Physicians and many other organizations give dental X-rays the seal of approval, deeming them safe for moms-to-be. While there are some discrepancies in the safety of other types of X-rays used in medicine, you can leave all worries behind when it’s time for this X-ray. It’s pain-free and risk-free for both mom and for baby.

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Final Thoughts

Bringing a baby into the world is exciting. You’d never do a thing to hurt your precious little one, even during pregnancy. But you want to make sure that your teeth are cared for, too. Luckily, dental X-rays are completely safe, no matter what stage of pregnancy. Don’t forsake your beautiful smile worries about the safety of a dental X-ray anymore! You will rejoice in confidence when you visit the dentist for X-rays when the need arises.